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Face and Body Moisturizers

Linacare sells its products primarily through limited distribution channels that are consistent with the image of the brand. The channels consist of upscale salons and spas, specialty retailers, doctors and pharmacies, as well as the Linacare Flagship stores.

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Linacare Cosmetherapy, a revolutionary new skincare line, is in a category by itself – a cosmetic that can heal and a therapeutic that can beautify. Linacare Cosmetherapy was founded by Carol A. Lee and Dr. Henry Fung, in 2003. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company specializes in research and development of innovative products in the biomedical field.

Dr. Henry Fung, physician, Harvard-trained research scientist and developer of Linacare moisturizing creams, never could have imagined the popularity and success of Linacare. As a doctor who dealt with many patients suffering from severely dry skin, Dr. Fung's mission was to create a simple and effective skin cream that worked.

For over a decade, Dr. Fung tested and refined his formulation until the "perfect cream" was realized. The breakthrough came when he discovered the unique process that is the secret that lies at the heart of all Linacare products – the process that provides the skin with the optimal balance between hydration and retention (H+R Factor), allowing the skin to heal itself.

Extensive scientific and clinical research has been performed on Linacare products over the many years of its development. They have convinced us that Linacare's scientifically advanced formulation has superior moisturizing properties compared to many similar products on the market. It is increasingly clear that moisture is a very important factor in the maintenance of skin health and appearance. Needless to say, Linacare moisturizing products have benefits much more than just the immediate moisturization of skin. Linacare is able to provide their users with the best from both the cosmetic and therapeutic worlds, providing younger and healthier looking skin as well as effectively treating those with problem skin.

Originally intended exclusively for Dr. Fung's patients, the cream had such amazing results that Dr. Fung's patients began spreading the word to their family and friends, who in turn, started telling their family and friends. Soon, Dr. Fung was inundated with requests for this "miracle cream" that not only relieved and often healed problem skin but also beautified better than many cosmetic products.

Dr. Fung's only concern was for the health and well-being of his patients and had no intention of producing a commercially available brand. But because of overwhelming demand, Dr. Fung together with co-founder Carol Lee, after whom the brand is named (Lina is her nickname), established Linacare Cosmetherapy. Their goal continues to be to help people heal and beautify their skin, and make them feel better about themselves.

Linacare products are pure and simple – they contain only those essential ingredients that contribute to the cream's efficacy. Linacare creams also have the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, non-greasy and fast absorbing.

Research and Development:


Ms. Carol A. Lee, B.Comm, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Henry Fung, MD, PhD
Director of Research and Development

Contact Information:
Marketing (604) 899-5462