Opinion leaders in the field of dermatology believe that adequate moisturization is one of the most important factors in maintaining young and healthy looking skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it performs several important functions. It covers an average area of 17 to 21 square feet and composes approximately one-sixth of the body's weight. The skin protects us from the external environment (pollution, allergens, toxins), regulates our body temperature, provides sensory input and eliminates waste. When skin is damaged it can lose its ability to perform these functions. There are many factors that contribute or cause damaged skin including over-exposure to the sun, pollutants in the environment and even overuse of soaps and exfoliants. Damaged skin results in the potential of irritants entering and moisture exiting through the skin. While there are many causes leading to damaged skin, one easily preventable cause is dry skin.

Moisturizers, complex formulations designed to maintain the water content of the skin between 10-30%, can be used to help restore the skin to its normal function of keeping irritants out and moisture in. Skin that is optimally moisturized is softer, more elastic, suppler and more resilient to damage such as oxidation, so it looks better and is healthier too. Many dermatologist believe that with adequate moisturization many skin problems can be eliminated.

Our clinical experience over the last decade has demonstrated that LINACARE products provide optimal moisture and keep it there with amazing results. Many who had suffered for years from dry, chapped, itchy and eczema-prone skin found dramatic relief when they used LINACARE moistuizing creams. Some LINACARE users now refer to it as "the miracle cream" as the effect on them has been life-changing. Even after only seven days of use, people who had previously suffered from seriously dry, problem skin have found great improvement, if not complete relief from their symptoms.

The pioneer work of IH Blank 50 years ago shed light into the importance of water and its effect on the elasticity of the skin.

    If a piece of cornified skin, such as cutting from a callus of the foot, is dried out, it becomes very hard and brittle in spite of any natural oils it may contain. Any attempt to soften this cornified skin with petrolatum, lanolin or natural oils, meets with complete failure. If, on the other hand, similar pieces of cornified skin are allowed to absorb a little moisture, they become soft and pliable; therefore, it is apparent that the water content of the cornified skin is a more important factor in maintaining the flexibility of this layer than is its oil content.

Moisturizing - A Necessary Part of Your Daily Routine
For all these reasons, moisturizing at least twice daily, morning and evening, should be something you do every day - just like brushing your teeth or washing your face. Hands, face, feet and body all need proper moisturizing to feel and look their best- and to resist damage from both the outside and inside. Ifyou need to moisturize even more often throughout the day to keep your skin looking and feeling good, by all means do so. LINACARE will not leave you with a waxy or greasy feeling no matter how much of it you use. Moisturized skin is healthy skin. Let your skin be the best it can be.

Getting the most from your moisturizer

1. After a warm - not hot - bath or shower, towel gently until skin is just damp. Then apply moisturizer to seal in moisture.

2. Give special attention to problem spots- heels, shins, elbows, hands, knees and any place that's dry or itchy or often exposed to the environment.

3. If skin is severely dry or cracked, cover it after moisturizing with gloves, socks or clothing to help the layer of lotion stay on longer and make it more effective.

When used as directed, LINACARE has often succeeded where other products have failed. Clinical studies how shown that LINACARE has superior moisturizing capabilities - it gives your skin more moisture and keeps it there longer than any other product available.