According to Canada Diabetes Association (CDA), more than 2 million Canadians have diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition that occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin (Type 1 diabetes), or when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, or the body does not effectively use the insulin (Type 2 diabetes). Diabetes can affect many of the body’s organs, including the largest of the body, the skin. Dry skin affects approximately one-third of the diabetic population, and can range from dry, itchy skin to more complicated and potentially dangerous conditions such as foot ulcers.

People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from these skin conditions for many reasons; the most common being high glucose (blood sugar) levels, which prevents rapid healing and reduces the ability to fight infection. It also causes the body to lose fluid, which in turn dries out the skin and leaves it more vulnerable to damage. But here is the good news: you can take control of dry skin! Linacare can help you achieve and maintain your skin’s optimum health to prevent future problems and allow you to feel better about your skin.

What are foot ulcers?

Foot ulcers are a crack or defect in the skin, and are a serious skin-related side effect of diabetes. Unfortunately, they often go unnoticed until it is too late. Impaired circulation, a suppressed immune system or diabetic neuropathy increases the likelihood of developing foot ulcers, as patients are rarely aware of the damage occurring due to loss of sensation in their feet. If an ulcer is not immediately treated, it can pose a serious risk as bacteria can enter the wound and become infected. In more serious cases, the infection can spread into the leg, which can lead to further complications such as amputation.

Importance of moisture for diabetic skin

Diabetics are prone to dry skin, and when the skin is dehydrated it is unable to undergo its natural reparative process. The result is dry, unhealthy skin that is prone to further damage. When the skin is moist, it will not crack and allow bacteria to enter. A moist environment is essential for healing to occur, so it is very important to replenish lost moisture so the skin can repair itself and keep out infection.

*According to the CDA, daily treatment of dry skin is a highly recommended, necessary and cost-effective way of preventing further problems and complications.

Taking control of your skin

Dry skin can easily be treated with deep, long lasting moisture. Linacare creams are able to penetrate difficult areas, such as the feet, and deliver moisture deep into the skin and keep it there longer than most other products, allowing the skin to heal itself naturally.

The non-greasy, lightweight texture of Linacare creams immediately absorbs into the skin to repair dryness without leaving a sticky residue. Its long lasting moisture allows for fewer applications. Linacare creams are unscented, hypo-allergenic and safe to use, even on children and infants. Linacare is highly compatible with other cosmetics and therapeutic products.

Prevention & foot care

Controlling glucose levels is the primary means of preventing skin from drying out and cracking, but applying adequate moisture to dry areas, especially the feet, can help keep the skin supple.

A proper foot care routine is essential to aid in the prevention of serious foot problems. This includes checking the feet daily for any changes in the skin (including sores, redness, blisters, or any unusual sensations such as tingling or numbness), keeping the feet clean, and simply being kind to your feet. Since foot ulcers can also be caused by excessive pressure or rubbing against the skin from poor-fitting shoes, visiting a foot care specialist regularly and wearing proper foot attire can also help keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

For more information on diabetes and foot care, please visit www.diabetes.ca, or see our helpful resources section below.

Suggested Products

Linacare Intensive Foot Therapy Cream
Ultra-rich, yet remarkably non-greasy foot treatment to deeply moisturize the feet. Penetrates deeper than any other comparable product, delivering moisture to the deepest cellular layers to repair dry, cracked feet from the inside out. Moisture remains deep within the skin longer than most other products, allowing for fewer applications.

Linacare Rehydrating Body Cream – Intensive
Linacare Reydrating BodyCream should be applied morning and night to the body and feet, especially after bathing, for long lasting moisture. Make sure to avoid applying the cream in between the toes.

Linacare Intensive Hand Therapy Cream
Apply to dry hands, cuticles, elbows or anywhere the skin needs extra care, morning and night.

Hear what others have said about Linacare…

"Marvin has had for many years a skin condition on the soles of his feet where they were so itchy, he use to scrap the skin off his soles causing them to bleed. He has not had this problem at all since using Linacare, and has found it not only stopped the itching, but aided the healing and now the skin on the feet is like that of a either with the itching or the healing. We cannot be without it. It does heal conditions that do not come back."


"I have been using the Linacare cream for a few months now, and have noticed a great improvement in my skin. I had previously experienced dry, itchy, flaky skin on my legs for which I could not get relief. I tried all of the creams on the market. While I would gain temporary relief, the problem would always reappear in a few hours or days. Since using Linacare on a regular basis, my legs have been soft, the skin has been well moisturized, and I have experienced no itching or flaking. With continual use, Linacare has not only provided relief from dry, itchy skin, it has changed the dynamics of my skin, making the skin itself better. Instead of just treating the symptoms of our skin conditions, it has also begun to clear up the actual problem."


Helpful resources

The following are useful and credible sources of information for people living with diabetes.

Canadian Diabetes Association - www.diabetes.ca
American Diabetes Associationwww.diabetes.org
Diabetes Health Onlinewww.diabetes.healthcentersonline.com
British Columbia Association of Podiatrists - www.foothealth.ca