As you would expect, a baby or young child's skin is more sensitive and delicate than an adult's and therefore is more prone to irritant and allergic skin problems. The moisturizers they use should be very mild to avoid irritation, allergic, or sensitizing skin reactions. Despite this fairly commonsense information, products for babies and young children are usually highly fragranced which is the number one cause of skin irritation. In addition, they usually contain coloring agents, which are also potential irritants for sensitive skin.

A child's delicate skin is better served with products that are fragrance free, lanolin free and color-free, with no added sources of irritation or sensitizing ingredients. Try Linacare Rehydrating Body Cream - Intensive for the longest lasting moisture that is problem free.

LINACARE Rehydrating Body Cream - Intensive

LINACARE Rehydrating Body Cream - Intensive
LINACARE Rehydrating Body Cream is gentle enough for your baby's delicate skin It provides effective and long lasting moisturization to keep your child's skin feeling baby soft. Children like its cool, soothing feel. Use twice daily or as needed, especially after a bath.

LINACARE products are all scientifically advanced and non-medicated. They are hypoallergenic, lanolin free, non-comedogenic and non-greasy.

115 ml/3.8oz. Unscented $38.00